Year 2 Day 12 - No More Anatomy (21/09/2018)

That’s it - with a final plastinate demonstration session on the triangles and vasculature of the human neck, there went our last ever formal anatomy teaching session in the Surgical Training Centre of UHCW. These have been my favourite part of the course so far, completely exquisite and illustrated by terrifyingly competent anatomists and doctors.


We celebrated our year of anatomy with an exceptionally cheap hospital canteen breakfast and did our reading for the afternoon neuroscience/neurosurgery teaching - a case of chronic headache following whiplash. It was very interesting watching the FY1s and neurosurgery trainees getting quizzed just as much as ourselves - anyone is fair game, and equally sometimes there was no agreement on the answer.

What I’ve decided to do now with these sessions is take a notebook and jot ideas down for future reference - particular surgical procedures to look up or techniques to read up on to understand the more complete picture. It’ll also serve as evidence of attendance to some degree I suppose.