Year 2 Day 13 - The One With The Indian Party (22/09/2018)

I can hear my bank account screaming in the distance - I’ve had a very expensive day, having bought a used freezer for the house so we can bulk cook and meal prep (admittedly a shared cost), a bike to ride to uni (£70 from the Cycle Recycler - big recommend) and perhaps most exciting of all, a new camera.

My Canon EOS 600D is reaching its limitations at this point and I’ve been ready to move on for a little while, it’s just been a case of waiting for the right price. That’s all sorted now and at some point next week I’ll be upgrading to the Panasonic Lumix GH4 - a videography-centred DSLR that supports 4K shooting and smartphone image previewing. So very lovely. Basically you’ll be able to see my various flaws, of both personality and physical form, in high detail.


We also headed to my coursemate’s birthday party, Indian-themed as per her family. While I was part of the group that was lacking in the Indian dress department, some went very all out in rather extravagant gear (an example would be the authentic wedding suit that had been borrowed for the occasion). Very wholesome and a great chance to catch up with some people who I haven’t really spoken to since the offer holders day over a year ago.