Year 2 Day 14 - The Cycle Recycler (23/09/2018)

We got home at 3.45am from the party. I was the less drunk party and therefore was obligated to be awake at 9am to take delivery of our new freezer. Thankfully that was all smooth, then the rest of the day was spent catching up on bits of work, general house tidying/laundry and waiting for the used bike I’d ordered to arrive.


And arrive it did - I have a helmet, am just waiting on a lock and some lights to arrive. Basically it’s a 45 minute walk to uni from our house, or a 10-12 minute cycle that’s mostly pretty flat, so I figured it was a good investment. The bike was £70 including delivery to our front door, so I’ll be sat at approximately £100 all in, which I’m very happy with considering the cost of say catching the bus every day.