Year 2 Day 15 - Bloods and Obs (24/09/2018)

Very exciting day today - a full day of new clinical skills at George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton. We were actually quite late in the morning due to traffic, but I made it just in time to start the venepuncture session - learning to take blood from patients. Of course we were practicing on dummy arms with fake blood but it was a start.

I actually really enjoyed the session, which was immediately followed by a T-DOC assessment - basically a technical skill demonstration not dissimilar to an OSCE where we showed that we had understood and were ward safe with the process. At the beginning I was extremely flustered (mostly due to having been late) but after practicing with my colleagues it got a lot better.


At this point we can now take blood on the wards under supervision, so it’s definitely something I want to start practicing when the opportunity arises.

In the afternoon came the session on observations, recording their vitals using the NEWS2 form and how to refer to a senior member of staff in the case that a patient deteriorates. Basically now we’re a tiny bit more useful on the wards than before, which will make it a tiny bit less awkward when an FY1 asks ‘how can you actually help me’.