Year 2 Day 16 - Medic Family (25/09/2018)

Very eventful day - managed to bike into uni for the first time without killing myself, which I think we can all agree is on some basic level a good thing. My lock and lights had been delivered to the university so I picked them up when it was time to return.


In CBL we closed the existing case, particularly paying attention to a holistic view of the patient and his clinical management. Our chairperson brought some very delicious pork bao (essentially steamed buns), which substituted the lunch I would have eaten were it not for the presentation for my SSC that I had forgotten to prepare. Since names were being drawn out of a hat, I actually ended up not having to present this week, but at least it’s done.

In the evening we made our way to Varsity, a pub near the medical school for Meet The Parents - our first chance to meet our assigned ‘medic children’. The medic parent scheme is a chance for older students to look after the new intake and make sure they acclimatise properly - I’m in a partnership with my friend Tom, and we have two fine upstanding gentlemen.

It was also a good chance to meet many of my now colleagues who had been watching my videos before coming to medical school, which was a lovely experience. They seem like a lovely bunch and I’m sure it’ll be pleasant spending the next year with them.