Year 2 Day 17 - Societies Fair (26/09/2018)

Woke up with a migraine and immediately went back to sleep. Boo.

CBL case close in the afternoon, but the big centrepiece for the day was the Societies Fair, held at the med school - a chance for each society to showcase their events and plans and sign up the new first years.


I split my time between running around with a rather fetching brain hat taking pictures with punters, or selling NeuroSoc on the stand. Good to see lots of now-familiar faces and see people excited for the events in the year to come.

Breakfast Sandwiches: Sausage, Egg and Hash Browns

Breakfast Sandwiches: Sausage, Egg and Hash Browns

Got back in the evening and did some bulk cooking, managing to cover almost every inch of the kitchen in raw chicken and rice. Still, it’s at least a week’s worth of breakfasts and lunches taken care of.