Year 2 Day 19 - Dungeons & Doctors (28/09/2018)

A strange day indeed. I have Fridays off and spent the morning catching up on lectures, as well as setting up my new camera properly for recording cinematic 4K video. Unfortunately we weren’t able to attend the neurosurgical teaching at UHCW today, but other things were afoot.

This actually became important later on, as I was roped into assisting with a filming project some staff at the medical school were working on (in reality I think they'd just somehow found out I now had the 4K camera and wished to use it for futureproofing purposes). It was an interesting experience at the very least.

Before leaving I also made some really rather excellent chocolate and peanut butter brownies. They disappeared extremely quickly.


I absolutely hadn’t intended to attend this week, but it was getting late and I was still at the medical school so I headed to DnD (for those unfamiliar, Dungeons & Dragons, just to fulfill every nerd stereotype). Tom was running a taster session for some of the new first year students, and we were actually joined by none other than Warwick Medical School and ASMR phenomenon Dr James Gill for the evening. Nerds everywhere, man.

Our happy adventuring bunch

Our happy adventuring bunch