Year 2 Day 20 - INSPIRE GERMcon 2018 (29/09/2018)

We finished at Games Soc very late (getting on 3 in the morning) so I got very little sleep and had to be at a conference this morning. Ah well, welcome to med school. I biked to the uni, assumed (mistakenly) that the conference was at the medical school, which was in fact 1 mile from the actual venue at the Arden Conference Centre.


Free lunch! (the best conference)

It was a conference exhibiting research carried out by medical students, with a keynote speech from WMS’s own Professor Vinod Patel on his research, delivered with his characteristic slightly acerbic wit. Thankfully the talks were running very late, as these things so often do, so I was able to make it in time for that and then enjoyed the student presentations. Particular mentions to Mr Billy Down for his talk ‘A handy toolkit for the future surgical training post applicant: how to improve your surgical portfolio’ - it was a really good look at the core surgical training application form and all the things you can do at medical school to maximise your chances of success.