Day 40 - Ultrasound (03/11/2017)

Back in hospital for the final teaching day of Block 1 - anatomy first thing was a series of revision stations presenting us with clinical stations to interpret. Between our group we managed to get just about everything, so there is hope yet. I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to remember the entire gut blood supply, which has been stored in memory through dull repetition of drawing line diagrams. Creative revision be damned.

We had a lecture about the surgical training centre itself, what makes it special and the opportunities available there for medical professionals as well as students. It actually became apparent that for those interested in anatomy or surgery it is possible to come and observe some of the courses during quieter periods, which is definitely an opportunity I want to take.

In radiography we did ultrasounding, which did a fine job displaying the ridiculous level of knowledge required to be any good at it. We've been learning through various cross-sectional cuts through the body (erect X-rays, axial CTs etc), but in this case the angle can be adjusted completely at will by essentially pointing a lubed-up wand at the area of interest. A few of us could volunteer to be examined, so please find below a snapshot of that happening to me. Apparently my kidneys are normal but my bladder seemed a bit on the small size.

Some minor details were changed to protect identities

Some minor details were changed to protect identities

After lunch we had a clinical skills session focusing on thyroid exams - thankfully I've been over the anatomy and physiology recently, and there wasn't much new material to learn. We got a ton of OSCE practice in and rotated ourselves between groups, filling the roles of patient, then doctor, then observer. The continued practice is a really good learning experience and we're all starting to become more confident, at least with the basics. We're also starting to get used to the time pressure, and starting to move through more rapidly by eliminating irrelevant details or essentially 'gaming' the OSCE marking system.

Tonight I saw the first run of the Revue, a staff-only performance which let me plan my camera setup for tomorrow, the night of the full-attendance show. In theory I should be able to take a line out from the soundboard for audio, but I'll set up a static microphone just in case. People have also been asked to bring cameras, so I'm hoping for quite a few angles - it would be nice to get the whole thing for posterity.